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The Diana Tapes at IRT Theater, The SEG Hub, and Edinburgh Fringe

"Pico and Adrain as Colthurst and O'Mara have less dramatic parts, but both are handled very well. "

~Broadway World


"Their performances — as well as those of Jorge Morales Picó as Colthurst and Adrain as Morton’s money-and media-hungry publisher Michael O’Mara — and their on-stage chemistry power this story."

~The Providence Journal


"The acting is strong across the board, with Sam Hood Adrain as an aggressive and greedy O’Mara providing a nice counterpoint to Morton. "

~My Entertainment World


"Adrain is remarkably poised as the stoic tabloid master, O'Mara"

~EDGE Media Network


"Adrain was perfect as the brash publisher O’Mara. He’s clearly in this for the money and has no love or respect for the institution of the monarchy. "

~Mooney On Theatre


Jack vs Rapenzel at Infinity Theatre Company:

"...Adrain tackles the show host persona with vigor and has quite a few moments that really entertain the adults in the audience. His approach to audience interaction is exquisite, really inviting the children into a safe and welcoming environment. Both have sturdy singing voices that float well in the music that the show offers."


"The talented cast includes of emcee Sam Smiley, played by Sam Hood Adrain, who skillfully interacts with children in the audience while giving an animated explanation of what will occur."

~The Baltimore Sun


"Kids and adults are entertained in the lobby as a pre-show where MC Sam Smiley (Sam Hood Adrain) interviews children by asking, “Who do you think is going to win the competition?” Adrain is exuberant and animated in a goofy kind of way. He is tall and lanky yet poised in his black suit, white shirt and oversize royal blue bow tie. He sets the tone for this extremely upbeat and hilarious show that will have children and adults laughing from beginning to end."

~D.C. Metro Theatre Arts


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